About Us

Hindu Review

The “Hindu Review” (HR) is a web-portal and an e-publication that serves as a platform for intellectuals, scholars, writers, bloggers, commentators and readers alike, to engage in debates on issues pertaining to Hindus and Hinduism, in relation to the outside world.

The purpose of HR is to document all types of public expressions made in plethora of fields, e.g. academia, media, literature, arts, cinema, politics, and business, and offer a well-researched and nuanced Hindu civilizational perspective on the same.

HR invites reviewers  to leverage the Hindu Review as a platform to develop the Hindu civilizational perspective in a diverse set of fields.

Parameters of Hindu civilizational perspective lie in India’s classical period, when an age of knowledge blossomed in various parts of India. Based on a robust paradigm of debates at the philosophical level, Indian intellectuals laid the foundation for the Age of Knowledge, that reflected in similar golden age in economy, society and politics. The reviewers are invited to use the Indian classical period as the fulcrum of their research and argumentation, and present their viewpoint in the form of review, assessment and rejoinders.

The editors and the publisher of HR fully support intellectual creativity of the reviewers, and encourage experimentation within the scope of this initiative.

For any further clarification, feel free to contact us.